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DeMuth, Steel Products

Silo Dome Roofs


  • Strong, durable weather-tight roofs for all circular structures.

  • Maintenance free for decades due to galvalume.

  • Poly roof cap provides good daytime light inside the structure.

  • Water runs off freely because of the height of the ribs.


  • Stave silos - They have the roof attached to the top tensioning hoop, secured by two anchors on each roof panel. Hoop anchors are standard for Stave silos.

  • Monolithic silos can have the roof attached to the top of the silo wall using special lag type (Star) anchors. Lag type (Star) anchors for monolithic silos are optional.


  • They can fit any diameter, from 10' to 36'.

  • Our silo dome roofs are made with a clear polyester over galvalumeTMcoated steel.

  • The thickness of the material is 0.025 minimum.

  • The ribs are 1" high.

  • We offer two types of standard panel finishers: Full panel and half panel.

  • Sliding roof doors are standard. Optional colored roofs are available with 45 color choices. 

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