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Discover our industrial ladders and safety cages

All our industrial ladders meet applicable OSHA and ANSI Standards for fixed ladders. Demuth's Fixed Ladder Systems offer the unique feature of being sub-assembled for economical shipping and easy on-site assembly and installation. Ladder sections are manufactured from galvanized steel to ensure corrosion resistance in the harshest conditions. What’s amazing about our ladder systems is that they don’t require welding, painting or drilling and they all come with complete assembly instructions.

  • Ladders may be ordered with or without walk-thru handrails at the top landing.

  • Systems with cage can be ordered as top exit or walk-thru depending on the application.

Note: Fixed ladders installed after 11/19/2018 that extend more than 24’ above a lower level surface must be equipped with a ladder safety or personal fall arrest system.

Ladder with Walk-thru

53" uprights extend the sides of the ladder 42" above the step-off height. The width between the uprights is 24".

Optional rounded handrail kits are available

Ladder Only

  • Ladder uprights are G-90 galvanized steel

  • Rungs are Geomet Coated 1" knurled steel tubing

  • Stand-off brackets are adjustable up and down the ladder uprights to aid installation

  • Plastic end caps

Ladders are made from stock ladder components. No section is longer than 10'. Brackets are mounted in pairs at the jobsite and assure a correct standoff distance of 7".



Ladder with Walk-thru and Cage

Standard ladder sections are combined with walk-thru uprights and a cage for superior safety and ease of climbing. Designed for step-off heights from 10'6" to over 100’.

  • Safety cage extends 42" above landing surface

  • Flared cage begins 7'11" from the ground

Ladder with Top Exit Cage

  • Electro-galvanized hoops and stringers

  • Easy entry flare section starts at 7'7" from the ground

  • Bolt together construction

  • Ladders over 30' are also available

Standard ladder sections are combined with a cage for hatchway access. Units are designed from 10'6" to 29'6" step-off heights.


Ladder Only

Ladder & Walk Thru