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Silage Spreaders

Silage Spreaders with Ground Control

  • DT1350 - Max-Flo 540 - for corn silage & smaller silos

  • DT1450 - Max-Flo 1000HD - for high horsepower & large silos

Here are our 2 models of silage spreaders with ground control:


  • Improves feed quality - Increased silage packing reduces oxygen levels, which then reduce spoilage.

  • Increases silo capacity - With increased silage packing, more feed can be placed into the structure.

  • Replaceable stainless steel wear plate is the full width of gooseneck, heavy stainless is non-scoring, reduces gumming, and adds years of life.

  • Unique long ground control handle (for DT1350 and DT1450 models) operates easily from wagon side of PTO, you do not need to walk around blower or climb over PTO.

  • Easy to install. Comes mostly assembled, complete with mountings and instructions.

Silage blown up the fill pipe is directed into your silo by the Max-Flo gooseneck. A single river of silage is divided into streams by the heavy-duty fins. These streams spread the silage throughout your silo. To fill and pack tightly, the Max-Flo has two positions changeable from ground level. When your silo is almost full, you can top it off by moving the position of the fins with a manual shift lever.

How does it work?

Lancaster Max-Flo 1000HD

DT1450 - Max-Flo 1000HD

The Max-Flo 1000HD is built for larger silos with haylage using 1000 RPM forage blowers. All parts of the Max-Flo 1000HD subject to wear are 25% heavier and the stainless steel wear plate is 11 gauge.

Lancaster Max-Flo 540

DT1350 - Max-Flo 540

The Max-Flo 540 is our standard silage spreader. With a 9" gooseneck, it is designed for average capacity blowers and silo sizes.

Lancaster Max-Flo 1014

DT1014 - Max-Flo 1014

With a 12” Gooseneck for 10’ or 12’ diameter silos for haylage.

Lancaster Max-Flo 1012

DT1012 - Max-Flo 1012

With a 9” Gooseneck for 10’ or 12’ diameter silos for corn silage.

Silage Spreaders without Ground Control

The following silage spreaders have a replaceable stainless steel liner and do not have a ground control handle. They are only adjustable from the top of platform.

Silage Spreader Accessory

  • Specifically designed for top-filling silos.

  • Pack more silage in your silo.

  • Reduce final leveling time by up to 75%.

  • Direct the silage stream where you want it while standing on the fill platform.

  • Create a level surface for better unloader start-up.

  • Easy to install by attaching to gooseneck irons.

  • Conveniently stored without the use of tools. Rests against silo wall below spreader, out of the way for normal spreader use.

DT2020 - MaxPak Spreader Head

  • DT1350 - Max-Flo 540 - Standard Duty 9" wide

  • DT1450 - Max-Flo 1000HD - Heavy Duty 12" wide

The MaxPak Spreader Head is used with Lancaster Style Silage Spreaders:

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