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DeMuth, Steel Products

Rungs and Uprights



The rungs are galvanized 1" diameter welded tubing, with a knurled surface to provide non-slip footing. The welded construction resists flexing. The rungs pass through both sides of the Box Beam Upright and are locked into position with DeMuth's UNIQUE 180 DEGREE KEY-HOLE FLANGE which eliminates rotation and any chance of the rung slipping out.



Manufactured from G-90, 16-gauge, galvanized steel inset channel. The G-90 specification offers harsh weather resistance and will stand up under the toughest industrial applications. NO PAINTING REQUIRED. The rigid channel construction provides added safety and stability by reducing stress on the rungs.

​Stand-off brackets

Stand-off brackets

The specially designed Stand-Off Brackets can be mounted at any position along the box beam uprights for increased flexibility of installation. Brackets are fastened with a special locking device and a 3/8" plated bolt - NO DRILLING IS REQUIRED. The Stand-Off Bracket assembly assures the correct distance of 7" from wall surfaces to the center line of the rungs.

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