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Steel Dome Roofs - Kynar 500 colored and Galvalume Plus domes

Hemispherical Domes have been called "the kings of all roofs," and they now cover some of the world's most important buildings. Domes are curved structures that have no angles or corners and enclose an enormous amount of space without using any supporting columns.

Design Note: Domes are weather-resistant, not watertight. For watertight applications, an underlying roof must be included in the design.

The possibilities for design and creativity are endless with this type of roof. Whether it is to be used on a private home or commercial building, it becomes a focal point of the structure. Our dome roof installations can be found on: Residential, Commercial, Municipal, Playgrounds, Community Centers, Communication Towers, Recreation, Sports Complexes and Churches.

DeMuth has been manufacturing hemispheric dome roofs since 1946. Traditionally, these roofs were used on tower silos. The unique shape of this roof caught the interest of many architects and in 1979 we started manufacturing a premium hemispherical dome roof for a variety of applications.

Our architectural dome roofs are lightweight, yet self-supporting due to the design. Eliminating the need for a superstructure, installation of the DeMuth dome is quick, easy and surprisingly economical. If a hemispherical roof doesn't fit your needs, we can manufacture a roof according to your specs. For a unique combination of quality, function and design, merged with elegance and style, include a domed roof in your next building project.

Technical Information on DeMuth Domes

The steel domes are shipped in stacks of pie-shaped steel sections, ready for assembly on the jobsite. Panels are radiused and their edges are roll-formed into channels at the factory. These are then nested together and bolted together during assembly resulting in a rigid and beautiful free-standing structure. They can be used as an architectural detail or can become an integral part of the building structure, providing a breathtaking inside view.

  • Domes are available with a base diameter from 8' to 36'. They can be produced as perfect hemispheres or can be formed into Truncated or Elliptical shapes.


  • Dome Roof is shipped knocked-down, base attachment angle or brackets

  • Available for various mounting requirements

  • Panels assembled with wide rib overlapping narrow rib

  • Panels held together with a clip/bolt/silicone washer assembly

  • Weather sealing package available



Standard: Galvanized Steel Base Angle and Top Ring Stainless Steel roof panel clips and fasteners


  • Galvalume Plus - 24 gauge acrylic coated Galvalume

  • Custom Colors - offered in 24 gauge galvanized or Galvalume material coated with Kynar 500 finish



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